HIP: Visual Installation Guide: Returning Soon

The visual installation guide for the Crusader Kings II modular mega-mod, Historical Immersion Project (HIP), shall return in the near future with up-to-date instructions, annotated screenshots, and more for those looking to first take HIP for a ride.

In the meantime, roll up your sleeves and venture into the ParadoxPlaza Forums to get the answer to whatever question led you to this page. It's well worth creating a Paradox account to do so if you haven't already. Benefits of access to the CK2 modding forums on ParadoxPlaza include:
  • Easy access to high-quality support directly from the creators
  • Open discussion with the creators and other players that frequently shapes new features and improves existing ones
  • Development diaries
  • You can see the changelog, release notes (e.g., save-compatibility information), etc. for every HIP release!
  • Much easier to make sense of the many modules in HIP, what each of them does / their scope, so you can select what you want.
  • And much else!

See HIP's latest release thread, which always has the following permalink: